Fernando Pedrosa

Fernando is the guy behind the Project. He’s a businessman and a bit of a dilettante. He started to ride Mountain Bikes back in the early 80’s as a training complement for his motocross racing career and later became a full time bicycle rider. He ended up falling in love with road cycling and with exception of occasional cyclocross outings together with friends he spends most of his time riding his high end metallic frames.


Sérgio do Cabo

Sergio is a successful lawyer whose doctor told him to cut on the cigars … much to his often regret and lots of pain he then joined the group of friends behind the PHOINIX project and became a quite skilled long distance rider, mostly on board of his beautiful Independent Fabrication steel frame. Besides looking after the legal aspects of the project we also use him as our benchmark to know exactly what our distinguished guests enjoy the most when combining cycling and “dolce vita”.


José Cordeiro

José is in love with cycling since he was a young boy. Aged 14 he decided he wanted to be a road bike rider and ever since cycling has been part of his life. He was Amateur National Road Champion at the age of 21. Entered professional cycling as Public Relations of the late Troiamarisco Team and after 5 years he became the youngest Directeur Sportif in Portugal when he lead the Team Matesica to glory. He has a degree as Cycling Coach.

Planning of training and physical evaluation are part of the cycling that he enjoys.

At the moment he is the CEO of All4Bikes a company specialized in the distribution for the Portuguese market of important and well known cycling brands.

Passion for cycling is still his essence !!!

(Meanwhile José has left the team to porsue other personal projects. His legacy as one experienced team manager and cycling trainer is kept in our DNA.)

Tiago Semedo

No, it’s not Peter Sagan …

Tiago Semedo is our technical guy.

He is a former national champion, 7 times Cross Country and 6 times Down Hill, so we may say he brings that aroma of competition to our rides. When he is not performing his antics on a bike Tiago, besides being a great chap is, also, the Portuguese distributor of Independent Fabrication bikes and one of the greatest authorities in Vintage and Old Scholl Cycling, often collaborating with the organizers of the so popular Vintage Classic Races.


António Fragoso

Antonio is our guy from the logistics and a really good fellow.

He is an experienced mecanical engineer with a background in the automotive industry which means that he always comes up with the right solutions “just in time” to avoid or solve any problems – allowing the rest of the team to fully concentrate on the welbeing of our guests knowing that all pratical and technical aspects have been taken care of.


phoinix-logo-homeOUR MISSION

We reckon that when we go out cycling around we may look a lot like MAMIL’s but that is not our aim or purpose. We run something a bit more exclusive, targeted at expert cyclists, some with a background in competition, who still enjoy the occasional sportive but like to add on top some good, laid back, boho vacation.

Hence our type of packages designed in a somewhat different way from the usual down here where the normal is to gather a group of suffering un-aware innocents and take them in pilgrimage from A to Z.

We prefer to set our guests at a great hotel, serving as the base, where they can share a good time together with their families or escorts while enjoying a training-camp-style of vacation with different and assorted rides with the same perks as professional cyclists but without the hassle of changing location every day.

This gives our dear guests the possibility of skipping a ride here and there or whenever the mood is leaning to staying in the hotel, enjoy either in single or with the family/escorts the collaterals we add to the packages and resume the group again when the spirit (and legs …) feel right.

The rides are different everyday so you can choose the ones of your preference and, best of all,  you can even do just a part of them once that our dedicated vans are available to either bring you back or, if you feel lazy in the morning, join the group later at the mid ride stop.

Meanwhile our selected hotels and our team are also working so that those of you travelling with the family or escort can take advantage of assorted offers and services, guided tours, etc. so that they won’t feel bothered while you’re out engaged in self indulgence.

Give our Cycling Guests a taste of life at its best with no regrets, that’s the PHOINIX mission.

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