A group of friends, same love in common: road cycling at its best.

We love riding hard on the best roads available. We have been doing it for ages and know the best roads with less traffic, filled with all the difficulties we enjoy the most. Whether we do it going up steep, history filled climbs or simply rolling at speed over long hauled plains, we know where to go and return, end of the day, with a great smile and that un-explainable satisfaction we riders get from stepping down from our bikes and feel “empty” …!

Then, after a massage by our skilled soigneurs, we set ourselves to the rewards of a nice sunset glass while discussing the adventures of the day, followed by some of the best Portuguese and International cuisine which we have selected from the best chefs.

That’s as close to real life as it gets.

Well, it would be very selfish to keep it just to ourselves so we have decided to open the treasure chest and allow our selected guests and friends to become part of this club.

Located just round the corner in sunny Portugal, just a hop away from the major airports and cities, we have settled a high profile sports tourism set up specially formulated for those who, like ourselves, really enjoy great road cycling in great sceneries combined with days of leisure, relaxation and good food. After all we are the “no stress” part of Europe…


We will give you the best road riding experiences at great prices.

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