Inclusions, Exclusions & Conditions


The following, but not limited to, are include in our packages.

  • Transfers : We will pick you up together with your bike and luggage from Lisbon or Oporto Airports (depending on package) and transfer to the designated accommodation. At the end the holiday we will drop you off at the airport, on time for your return journey.
  • Mechanical support.
  • Rides support: During our rides a scooter plus a minivan are kept on hand to ensure that you have enough drinks, snacks and quick assistance when necessary. Once that the rides take place, mostly, on open roads, the vehicles from the organization drive in back of the groups for signal and protection.
  • Accommodation – we use 4* accommodation in beautiful, selected Hotels. Please note all prices quoted are based on two people sharing a room. We can of course arrange single occupancy at an extra cost of €150/night/person.
  • Buffet style breakfasts.
  • Day/Ride Food – We carry a full range of snacks and energy drinks suitable for cyclists plus a light meal that’s served mid-ride at selected spots.
  • Hotel facilities such as swimming pool, spa and gymnasium, plus massages at the end of the rides.
  • Evening Meals – at the end of each day you will enjoy a complete evening meal, normally a buffet of regional and portuguese cuisine specially prepared by our selected Chef’s and served to meet people’s with different needs after a joyful riding day.
  • Guides – Experienced guides.
  • Information Pack – with full holiday details including, routes, maps and advice on riding as well as full contact and details.
  • PHOINIX Welcome Pack – Jersey + Cap + Water Bottle and a few other treats.
  • Insurance – we carry a specific coverage for accidents or personal injury while our activities are taking place.


  • Bicycles – most of our customers prefer to bring their own trusty steed, however if you would prefer to hire a bicycle please contact us and we can arrange this for you. Please see our bikes for hire in the FLEET menu, for more information on the bikes available. If you bring your own bike we will prepare it for you and leave it ready for the first ride and maintenance is available at the end each day.
  • Drinks or bar/ mini bar costs (including beers, soft drinks and coffees).
  • Flights – flights are not included in the price of the holiday.
  • Own Risks, 3rd party and travel Insurance – travel insurance is not included, but is a condition of our booking terms and condition, therefore when booking any of our packages and prior to starting your trip you should contract your own insurance. Should it be needed and we can help you with this.



For comprehension and easier reading the packages are designated as EVENT and our guests as PARTICIPANTS.


  1. The EVENT is open to all cyclists of both sexes and over 18 years. The Participants declare under their own responsibility to be in good medical and physical shape and fit for the practice of higher level of Road Cycling.
  2. Likewise the Participants declare to be proficient in the use and handling of bicycles. PHOINIX, its subsidiaries, staff and sub-contractors can not be blamed in case of accident, mishandling or any harm resulting from inappropriate use, incorrect behavior or lack of physical condition form the participants.
  3. The Participants are allowed only the use of two- wheeled bicycles. Support and assistance vehicles are conducted and handled by PHOINIX and its staff or sub-contractors.
  4. The Participants are required to wear approved riding equipment and bicycle helmets. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the Participant being prevented from participating in the ride (s).
  5. The rides take place on open roads and comply with the traffic, transit and road laws, rules and regulations, always designed to assure at any times the best safety possible to all Participants. However participation in the rides is the responsibility of each Participant, assuming the entire risk of his/her participation. PHOINIX, its subsidiaries, staff and sub-contractors can not be held responsible by any accidents that may be caused or may victimize any Participant who should be covered by his/her own travel insurance, extended to the practice of Road Cycling.
  6. The rides are performed in groups, preferably in small number of riders and adequate to the Participants level and riding skills. The rides are framed by our guides and assistance vehicles which are present or nearby at all times for the duration of the ride. Participants are requested to listen and comply to the orders and advices by the guides and assistants.
  7. Participants are requested to carry a mobile phone and to give its number to the guides before the commencement of the rides, the mobile phone is to be on at all times.
  8. PHOININX, its subsidiaries, staff and sub-contractors can not be blamed or be held responsible in case of changes in program dictated by adverse weather conditions, road blocks, restrictions or prohibitions from the authorities and in general any external causes or force majeure outside PHOINIX’s will or control.



  1. Each EVENT comprehends the services described in the Inclusions above. What is not included in the Inclusions will be treated either as an extra – therefore subject to additional cost – or as an unforeseen item or situation which must be discussed and agreed with PHOINIX beforehand.
  2. In order to book and acquire a package, Participants are requested to transfer a deposit of 50% of total package value, including in case of accompanying persons with payment of the 50% balance in full upon arrival to the hotel at the beginning of the package. All extras, additional, etc. to be billed and paid in full when leaving the hotel for the trip back home.
  3. Booking is considered to be firm 30 days prior to the date of the Packages. Deposit refunds can be accepted and take place:
    – in full: 30 days prior to the date of the Package
    – in 50%: between 30 days and until 15 days of date of the Package
    – no refund: 15 days from the date of the Package onwards
  4. The EVENT is designed bearing in mind the will and desire of the Participants to engage in great Road Cycling moments. Nevertheless we are also family guys and understand the needs of people who like to travel with their family and friends hence the packages are designed to accommodate your escorts and provide them with good moments of leisure whether it is simply taking advantage of our hotels’ services and benefits or arranging nice tours to the surrounding areas, visiting cellars, history filled places or …. going shopping with the ladies 🙂
  5. Bespoke Packages are taylor-made. Whenever a Participant is interested in a personalized Package this will be planned from your inputs and requests. In such cases all the above Terms & Conditions are applicable plus any specific ones that may be generated from the Package itself.

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