Package Troia-Sagres

They Call it “The Troia-Sagres”

Every year, an epic cycling ride is held on the month of December.

This year (2018) new weekend in December to be announced soon.

Troia – Sagres, dates back to 1990 when legendary cycling enthusiast Antonio Malvar decided to connect by byke the northern point of the Peninsula de Troia on the River Sado to the Cape of Sagres 200 kms down south, on the west corner of the Algarve region in Portugal.

Ever since, on a given Saturday in the month of December, groups of cycling enthusiasts gather in the wee hours of the morning to board the ferry crossing the River Sado from the city of Setubal to the Peninsula of Troia and, against distance and elements, cycle the 200 kms that link the two history filled locations.

Troia – Sagres is not an organized race and there is nothing oficial about it. Just groups of real cyclists who in a once in a life time occasion test the limits of their “cycleness”, pushing body and mind to their boundaries in a race against one’s self.

This year PHOINIX is assembling a set-up specially for the occasion.
We have designed a package for those cyclists willing to test themselves while enjoying a great ride, fully assisted by our guides and team cars but not forgetting, every day, the great accomodation, superb food and relaxation before and after the ride (s).

Troia-Sagres Package comprehends two options

Five Day Package
We will pick up our guests at Lisbon Airport and lodge them in Hotel Golf do Montado, in Setubal.
On the morning of the first day we will organize a group ride in the área of Setubal for group acquaintance, preparation and training while enjoying the magnificent surrounding routes and views.
On the morning of the second day a short ride just to exercise the legs followed by a massage and, in the pm, bikes’ maintenace and set-up, briefing on the race next day and joint dinner at the hotel.

Three Day Package
We will pick up our guests at Lisbon Airport and lodge them in Hotel Golf do Montado, in Setubal, for the night before the race. Bike’s set-up, briefing and dinner together with the rest of the group, included.

Both Packages:

On the day of the race, we drive the participants from the Hotel to the ferry in the early morning and then set things up for the departure in Troia which normally takes place around 08.00 hours.

In the meantime, after the departure, we drive the escorts and luggage to the Algarve with a full day program which includes watching the riders passage in specific spots of the route and a lunch on a typical fisherman’s village on the way down south.

The group (s) should be arriving to Sagres by late PM (normal estimated time is 08 hours at an average of 25 kms/hour). Our staff will be there waiting and prepared to welcome the heroes with warm drinks and dry clothes, just before driving us all to a nice cosy hotel with spa for a rest until we all head out for a great dinner. Just a fair reward for the fearsome riders.

Finally, on the last day we return the guests back to Lisbon Airport for their flight home, trusting that all have made some great new friends and fly home filled with good memories and stories to tell.


Packages Include:
– Pick-Up and Return to Lisbon Airport (*) for the guests, escorts, luggage and bikes.
– Courtesy transfers between locations for escorts and luggage.
– Full BB accomodation for the duration of the package in 4 star hotels
– Dinners during the stays for riders and escorts plus the Lunch for the escorts on the day of the race.
– Light snacks, drinks during the rides
– PHOINIX welcome pack
– PHOINIX guides and assistances for the riders
– PHOINIX assistants for the escorts and luggages
– The briefings / use of hotels’ spa and gym
– Bike’s maintenance and set-up before the rides/ride, excluding spares and parts.
– RC Insurance

(*) Return via Faro Airport can also be considered, subject to pre-booking and at additional fee.

Not included:
– Beverages besides the ones provided during the rides
– Additional meals
– Massages are charged per person/per session
– Personal Injury and Accident Insurance

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